Making sales

Making sales

I know you may be asking yourself how comes I do everything right but still am struggling to sell myself, my products, or my services. Why is it that people don’t buy from me and yet I have a solution that can help them solve their problems?

Imagine you are not feeling well and you book an appointment with the doctor for a diagnosis of your illness. Immediately you walk into the doctor’s office, and boom he presents you with the prescription that the drugs will help heal your pain, without listening to what your problems are and forcing the prescription on you.

Wait a minute, you’ll think the doctor is insane, how can he know what I am suffering from even without asking me to describe what I am going through? Is this not how most salespeople sell, going straight to the point presenting their products/services features and benefits and how they think this is exactly what the prospect needs?

Let’s go back a little bit, and put yourself in the patient we described in the above paragraph, let’s say you are suffering from a toothache and the doctor prescribes you a stomach ache drug, do you think you can trust the doctor and visit him next time? You will consider this a complete waste of time.  

Is this not how you have been selling, it doesn’t matter how good what you are offering is, what matters is what is the prospect’s main pain point and how can you help them do away with this problem.

So how do I do it right? Before we get deep into this, I want to note A PRESCRIPTION WITHOUT DIAGNOSIS IS MALPRACTICE.

The moment you master the art of selling like a doctor I can assure you,your sales will skyrocket like a thunderstorm.


It is very important to find out the challenges, problems, or pain points the prospects are going through.

It may be something like;

Hello, Mr. Prospect. Please tell me your biggest motivation for taking the time out of your busy day and scheduling this call with me. Or Hello Mr prospect how can I help you. And then shut up and listen if you get a real reason and not some fluff like I just wanted to know what you have to offer.’ Then great, you have to dig deeper.

Once you get their true deepest desire  dig even deeper by asking an open-ended question


  • Okay, can you tell me more about that? What do you mean? What exactly are you referring to when you say ……………?’
  • ‘Why do you believe you are experiencing this?’
  • Okay, so why is ……………………..important to you
  • What have you done previously to try to fix this
  • How long has this been going on?’
  • Why do you feel you haven’t achieved this yet?

After you have shined the light on their problems and then kick the bruised knee( some of them may not have known how big their problems were until you highlighted and agitated them) they are now primed for you to help them solve their burning problem.

Making sales


Get your prospects to tell you about where they want to go and their desired outcome, Then find out their why and get them to picture what life would be like after they get there.

It is important to get the temperature check on how exactly what they want to achieve and why. Then help them to paint a vivid picture of what this would feel like.


This is where you get the prospect to express everything they’ve been doing so far. How they have struggled. All their frustration, get all the challenges out what has worked, what hasn’t, and why.

Get them to admit that everything they’ve tried simply is not working and they need a proven system and a road map for someone who has done it with success. Get them to admit they’ve had enough of doing it by themselves and want help.

Making sales


After you have established the burning problem they are trying to solve, this is the part of the call where they transition into the value you promised. Now you are free to tailor your products/services features and benefits to fit the prospect’s problems.

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